The Project People

We are Ditio. The Project People. Since 2011, we have been passionately committed to our customers based on our mission: Projects completed on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards. Curious about how our Consultants, Professionals, and Solutions can make your projects even more successful?

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The consultants


Our Business Consultants have a broad organizational background, experience with digital transformation, and are experts in their fields. With clear and practical advice based on extensive knowledge, they translate business challenges into concrete, well-functioning approaches!


The professionals


Looking for the right professionals to solve business problems? To us, it's all about the right skillset, which is why we train our professionals ourselves; a combination of hard & soft skills. Based on your situation, we provide extensive experience within various areas of expertise and industries.


The solutions


We provide customers with the design and choice of complete, appropriate technological solutions for their issues. By using smart solutions, software partnering and providing insight into project results, Ditio encourages their customers to work more efficiently, effectively, and enjoyably. Our motivation!

Areas of expertise

Project management

Projects are characterized by their time, place, and budget constraints. Speed, accuracy, and flexibility are key. This is why Ditio has specialized in the main areas within Project Management, namely Planning, Estimating, Cost Control, and Risk Management. With our expertise, Ditio can support you managing the complexity of complete multidisciplinary project environments!

Rick Ardts


Document & information management

Unstructured and incomplete information leads to a loss of time, efficiency, and quality; our document controllers structurally improve the findability, usability, and manageability of all information.

Henk Brouwer

CTO & Managing Business Consultant

Quality management

 A guarantee of safety, reliability, and quality is becoming increasingly important for companies. At Ditio, we support companies in full ISO certification, quality assurance and process optimization, among other things. As a result, processes and products continuously meet the highest quality standards and changing customer demands can be anticipated.

Gerald Lie

Senior Business Consultant

Ditio: How it's done

the Ditio DMS

The Ditio DMS was developed to support automation and add it to document management processes in the SharePoint and Office365 environment. With the Ditio DMS, we want processes to become more controlled, more visible, safer and more effective. Knowing more?

Ditio DMS

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