Cost Control

Rick Ardts



Projects are getting bigger and more financially complex.

Projects are getting bigger and more financially complex. Therefore, the importance of cost control within projects is increasing. After all, cost control provides important information when it comes to completing projects within budget and with the maximum achievable profit. Especially for projects that are (internationally) financed and where the investors demand evidence, the importance of professional cost control cannot be emphasized enough. Controlling the cash flow is of great strategic importance and is one of the indicators of the success of a project.

Projects completed on time, of high quality and within BUDGET demand experienced cost controllers who are able to manage costs, forecast them, and set them against budgets. This way, the customer is able to manage their profit forecasts.

Thorough cost control, earned value management, and profit improvement.

At Ditio, our professionals and services are focused on control and delivering maximum results. We offer cost control, earned value management, and profit improvement by balancing the revenues and costs of a project. Our cost controllers also look at the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and their realized value. In the event of imbalance, our cost controllers can facilitate profit improvements.



Maximum result and minimized financial risks.

Minimized risks, a clear forecast, maximum results, and control. With our cost controllers and the advice of our business consultants, we have already helped many customers achieve their (financial) objectives. Ditio ensures that your (line) managers receive information they understand, that matches their needs and responsibilities, and supports them in making important decisions.


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