Wilco Brevet

Senior Business Consultant


Anticipating financial risks and the feasibility of a project.

Due to high financial risks, investment costs are an extremely important part of starting a project, both for the client and the contractor. It is wise for both parties to invest enough time in researching project costs, time, and resources before making an investment decision. A good estimator ensures a competent and well-specified budget. This can be true for both the end customer as well as for the contractor.

A realistic and accurate estimate for all project costs.

Ditio is happy to provide you with a clear cost calculation in order to have the costs of the project transparent in advance. Our business consultants and professionals have extensive knowledge of the Estimating process. Using the right tools and procedures, they can give you a realistic and accurate estimate of the cost of upcoming projects.



A clear picture of the financial feasibility of a project.

Thanks to the knowledge that is available within Ditio, we are able to provide clear cost calculations for projects, and thus ensure that a realistic picture of the costs of the project is given. This allows the client and contractors to accurately estimate the financial feasibility of a project.


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