Information management

Henk brouwer

CTO & Managing Business Consultant


The Change to an Information Society.

In a world that is rapidly evolving, organizations need to adapt faster and faster. Organizations these days have an ever-increasing amount of data which often holds a lot of useful information. Information management within your organization ensures that all information needs that arise are translated into usable information solutions. Successful control of information can provide insight, quality, savings, and futureproofing. But, how can your organization improve with information management?

An output-oriented working method that provides control over all information flows within an organization.

Ditio uses an output-oriented working method that provides step-by-step control over the information (flows) within your organization. Reusability, findability, and manageability of information and documentation are key to this method. Data analysis, categorization, and source/destiny definition create a data network. After data ownership determination, this creates a complete picture of the data flows within your organization. Where necessary, a data-mapping table will be made to link related data from different sources.

Data interfaces can be defined and built (where necessary), after mapping the information needs (information constitutes of multiple data elements) and creating a data configuration definition.

Ditio also considers all work processes, used applications, and government or certification requirements. In addition to ‘hands-on’ professionals with extensive experience in (technical) projects, Ditio also offers consultancy in the field of information management. Our consultants are true ‘bridge builders’ who speak and understand the language of ‘the business’ and ‘ICT’.



Successful control and provision of information.

Clear, solid control and information solutions: the right information at the right time with the right person.


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