Process optimization

Gerald Lie

Senior Business Consultant


Unnecessary steps, little insight and long lead times.

Projects are increasing in size and complexity. As a result, suppliers are increasingly confronted with customers who have higher demands. A major challenge is to determine where opportunities lie for process optimization. Unnecessary steps without anticipating the consequences can lead to long lead times and unclear responsibilities.

Every organization must continuously look for opportunities for improvement; what are the opportunities to achieve minimal costs and a maximum result? The question is: What ensures an optimal process? And how do you implement improvements as an organization?

A fit-for-purpose solution that extends beyond implementation.

To make process improvement effective, our consultants offer a fit-for-purpose solution, based on the Ditio standard (customization through standardization). They map the current situation of the end-to-end processes using certain information, processes, and application analysis. After determining the desired outcome, a growth path is created together with you to reach the desired outcome.

And we look beyond implementation. Improvement processes often fail because processes are optimized without paying attention to implementing and upkeeping these improvements in the organization. To prevent your organization from slowly falling into old behaviors and thereby undermining the process optimization, Ditio offers sound optimization management through partnership. Added value with lasting impact: in both the short and long term. This entails a six-monthly analysis in which the process optimization and implementation is monitored and managed to further guide your organization in becoming an evolving organization based on the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act).



A future-proof and unambiguous working method.

Processes structured in such a way add value at each step and ensure that you are completely 'in control'. Our approach provides a future-proof, unambiguous working method that matches the strategic objectives of your organization.


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