Quality assurance (QA)

Franklin Djowirono

Senior Business Consultant


High costs, complaints, and missing repeat business.

Quality Assurance (QA) means monitoring processes and products with the aim of identifying deviations in scheduled time so that corrective actions can be taken. These deviations can lead to high costs, complaints, and damage to public image or missing repeat business (customers who do not return), for example.

How does your company ensure that the processes and products continuously match customer’s demands and quality standards? And how do you anticipate ever-changing customer demands in a timely manner?

Prevention is better than treatment: solving quality related problems in hindsight is much more expensive than preventing them. Quality assurance (QA) during the process can prevent these problems afterwards!

A proven, sustainable tailor-made solution.

Ditio uses a standardized approach to arrive at a proven, sustainable tailor-made solution. Setting up quality assurance relies on various factors such as industry, product, customer, and the organization itself. Together with your organization, our consultants determine where the focus lies and set up quality assurance in a result-oriented manner using numerous monitoring and measuring instruments. If you want or need additional systems, our consultants independently select the best-suited solution and guide you through its implementation.



The right toolset to uncover quality deviations.

Our consultants ensure clarity and acceptance. With tailor-made solutions, based on our standards, the organization has the right toolset that exposes quality deviations and makes it possible to implement structural improvements instead of only taking corrective actions on the deviation. This way, actual improvements in the quality of products and processes are possible and your organization remains ‘in control’.


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