Risk management

Wilco Brevet

Senior Business Consultant



Unforeseen deviations that can have far-reaching consequences for the project.

Projects are getting bigger and more complex. Every project inevitably has to deal with certain risks. Managing these risks is very important. After all, any deviation can have far-reaching consequences for the result of a project. Therefore, it is important to be able to properly anticipate potential risks, so that effective control measures can be taken to ensure the continuity of the project.

Tailor-made, effective risk management: from identification to reporting.

At Ditio, we prevent risks by identifying them from the initiation phase and effectively monitoring them during the project. We balance projects with our knowledge, control, and output and understand the challenges of a project thanks to years of experience. Our consultants and professionals offer effective tailor-made risk management: Risk identification, analysis, control, monitoring, and reporting.

Through classifications and financial valuation, we are able to prioritize risks. This makes it possible to be proactive when it comes to mitigating risks. This also allows the client to make financial reservations, partly based on the probability weighting.

By weighing the financial or scheduling impact in such a way, a strategic risk plan can be established in a well-founded manner based on a sound risk profile.



Well-balanced projects thanks to minimal risks and maximum results.

Minimized risks, control and maximum results. Thanks to the use of risk controllers and the advice of our business consultants, we have already helped many customers achieve their objectives. Projects completed on time, of high quality, and within budget.


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