Talent Development

Monique van der Holst

Manager Academy

The start of your career at Ditio

The employee’s journey is of central importance to Ditio and we are ready to support and guide this journey. With your field manager, you shape your own L&D track and choose a career path that actually suits you. With a focus on both personal growth and knowledge gathering, your happiness, pleasure, and success in your professional development are of great importance to us at Ditio. Together, we work on the Ditio brand promises: Work hard and smart, want to grow, and have fun!


Your start at Ditio (and also the first L&D phase) is all about the Odin Development Compass (ODC measurement). By using this measurement and the subsequent coaching session, we map subconscious motives, strengths, and talents that you naturally possess. This makes it clear to both you and us where your talents lie. Useful, because it often turns out that 35% of people do not fully use their talents, which is a shame!

Learning & Development

  • Phase 1 (introductory phase): Your ODC measurement immediately forms the first phase of the Learning & Development process: the introductory phase. In this phase, getting to know each other is key and emphasis is placed on the daily performance of the employee and the guidelines for personal development.

  • Phase 2 (research phase): In this second phase, L&D is intensified as it will be used to investigate in which direction the employee can further develop (choosing a career path). In order to arrive at a suitable career path, your ODC measurement determines which direction your L&D track will take.

  • Phase 3 (specialization phase): The core of this phase is the L&D plan. The employee, supported by the field manager, draws up an L&D plan that determines the route to the final goal as defined and approved in the earlier phases.

Ditio Academy

Ditio specializes in various areas of knowledge and has many specialists and lots of specialist knowledge within those areas. We are happy to share this knowledge with each other through, among other things, our “Bright Nights”: Fun and educational evenings in which all Ditiosi share their knowledge and skills and participate in workshops.

Central to the Academy is also our own E-learning environment in which all Ditiosi can follow hundreds of on-demand training courses online within very diverse areas. This includes professional training in the field of Document Information Management and Project Controls, but also all kinds of skills training, such as effective communication, digital skills, management, Microsoft Office, and personal growth.