Edwin van Doeselaar

TA Planning & Scheduling Specialist



The complexity and cost of turnaround projects.

Turnaround projects are extremely complex and expensive and must be executed as efficiently as possible. Turnaround Project Control is extremely important if you want to expertly manage your turnaround. Due to the erratic and unpredictable economic times in which we live, where margins are under increasing pressure, business interests are growing. As a result, the pressure to achieve targets is increasing, while many solutions are starting to age and demand more 'attention'. This makes the predictability of a project, and, therefore, the quality of Planning & Scheduling in turnarounds increasingly important.

Tailored advice based on more than twenty years of Turnaround experience.

We provide tailor-made advice in the field of turnaround project control. On the basis of scope and the project targets, in terms of time, money and quality, we compile an action plan with regard to organization, processes, tools, resources, etc. This plan aims to achieve the planning, scheduling, cost control, and risk inventory targets in the most efficient way possible. Our advice is based on more than twenty years of experience in turnaround management with various world players in the chemical, oil & gas, and energy industry.



A professional interpretation of all targets.

Our War Rooms act as the spider in its web before, during, and after the turnaround and are staffed by professionals who, each with their own specialty, operate efficiently as a team. We draw on a huge network of qualified resources to professionally execute plans. Because we always strive for maximum results, we believe in the importance of finding the right person for the right job.

Since 2018, Advando has been part of Ditio B.V. By joining forces from both companies, the customer can be provided with broader services in the field of project control management. With the addition of Advando, specialist planning, scheduling, and cost control for shutdown, turnaround and outage events has been brought in house. Want to know more about Advando?


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