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The organisation

Ditio is a people business

Run by people-people. The knowledge and skills of our professionals and consultants are our capital. We recognise this every day. ‘Ditio’ comes from the Latin “dicio” and means both ‘being in control’ and ‘being an authority’.

Since 2011, we have been passionately committed to projects within the public and private sector based on our expertise: Project Management, Document & Information Management, Turn Around and Quality. We do this based on our vision:

"Projects completed on time, on budget, and to the highest quality standards."

Our consultants ensure that your project is set up in such a way that project objectives can be achieved. At both tactical and operational level, our professionals are responsible for the success of implementation and execution.

We are ‘The Project People’.

We are "The Project People". Our professionals and consultants work for Ditio on a permanent basis and all started at Ditio in the same way: by getting to know each other very well. Upon joining, an ODC measurement, various interviews, and a specific onboarding program ensure that only the best candidates want to commit to Ditio.

Because we have insight into the individual talents and qualities of our professionals and business consultants, we are always able to help our customers find the best professionals, business consultants, or even complete teams.

The people


The DNA.

Our employees, or Ditiosi, are true ambassadors who embody our Ditio DNA: work hard and smart, want to grow, and have fun. Within Ditio, we continuously challenge each other to find your passion, to develop yourself, and to learn from and with each other. This is why our Learning & Development cycle was created and why we share knowledge with each other during our 'Bright Nights', where professional knowledge, togetherness, fun, and personal development are central. In our opinion, this is the key to delivering great work!

Our partners

By combining expertise with partners, we can offer specific solutions and services that meet customer demands even better. Ditio works together with specialist companies in the field of Asset Lifecyle Management and Planning & Scheduling for Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage events.

Because our focus is always on “the best for the customer”, independence is of paramount importance at Ditio. We achieve this by partnering with software suppliers, for example. We are thus able to provide the customer with sound advice, including software from non-partners, whereby the customer always decides for themselves. At the same time, we can assist the customer with our knowledge and experience of software suppliers of solutions.

Ditio is also happy to work with partners in other areas, such as outsourcing of work in order to achieve cost effective and high-quality solutions, and with competence measurements to help strengthen team performance or individual competence!


Ditio is proud to call the following companies partners:


Ditio’s unique services in conjunction with Hexagon’s SDx, a Cloud-based Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) solution, can provide a decisive and optimal way to manage your Asset Lifecycles.


Our partnership with WorldEmp allows us to offer remote solutions. This makes it possible to partner with talented, international colleagues who deliver high-quality work remotely at lower rates, thus contributing directly to the project results.


A Work Process Management System (bpm-solution) in which work processes are recorded and taken to a higher level. This is a partner who supports Ditio in, for example, ISO9001 certification processes for customers.


Since 2016, the Ditio group is the European representative of the Turnaround Management software package STOworx. A cloud and web-based configurable application, designed to digitize work processes for shutdown, turnaround and outage events.

Xblox (Docubird)

Ditio and Xblox have been working closely together for quite some time. Through Docubird, a Document and workflow management system, we are able to combine our knowledge about work processes and customer questions into a complete Document Control application.


Since 2019, the Ditio group is a reseller of Schedulereader, a software solution that can dynamically present project data from XER, XML and, XLS schemes from Primavera P6.


With Piqnic’s partnership, we are able to offer a smart tool in the field of team collaboration, workflow management, and document management. With Piqnic, it can be guaranteed that every project member works on the right things at the right time!


Odin Company was founded to enable as many people as possible to discover and reach their full potential through the use their unique ODC measurements. At Ditio, we frequently work with the Odin Development Compass method to find the optimal composition of a well-functioning team. Using this test, we can uncover subconscious motives and talents of all Ditiosi!