Document Control

Kaz Baay

Senior Business Consultant


Unstructured and incomplete information leading to loss of time, efficiency, and quality.

In organizations with lots of unstructured information, the quality of this information is of vital importance. However, knowledge is often lacking on how to adequately store, unlock, manage, and archive this information. This creates a situation where information is usually incomplete, untraceable, or consists of double or outdated versions. Employees, therefore, spend a lot of time determining whether information is reliable. This leads to loss of time, efficiency, quality, and to an increase in safety risks.

Document control or document management has become an increasingly important topic for organizations over the years. Compliance, ISO certification, (factory) maintenance, and managing documents during the execution of a project are important reasons to get started with Document Control.

On-site and remote Document Control solutions.

Whether it concerns case, project, or purchase order driven Document Control solutions (or any other variant), it is possible to group documentation in each cross section by applying the correct classifications (Metadata). Work process management and version/status control makes it possible to guarantee that everyone in your organization has the correct and latest documentation and information at the right time. Access control ensures that only authorized people have access to (certain) documentation and/or can make changes. Ditio has developed the Document Management Architecture (DMA) concept concept to take document management solutions to next level and to gain control over documentation and information.

Ditio trains its DIM professionals (Document Controllers) in its own Document Management Systeem (DMS). This is specifically designed to quickly bring them up to speed to help generate value for you. Employing our DIM Professionals on-site (or remotely) can help with document control and guarantees the delivery of quality.

The DITIO DMS can also be configured for customers based on the principle of ‘standardization by customization’.



A structural improvement of visibility, usability, and manageability of all information and documentation.

We provide a balanced, professional document management solution that is characterized by suitability and supports the organization and its stakeholders. By looking at existing processes and automation in a professional way, Ditio contributes to structurally improving the visibility, usability, and manageability of information and documentation within projects and organizations. The use of Ditio-qualified Document Controllers enables customers to hire professionals who can take Document Control to a higher level and tackle capacity problems.


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