Document Management Architecture (DMA)

Bob de Ligt

Manager Solutions & Senior Business Consultant


Contemporary business models that require intelligent use of information and data.

Today's business models require intelligent use of data and information. In many organizations, however, document and information management is seen as a necessary evil and certainly not as part of the core business. Employees often do not know how to adequately access, store and, manage information which can lead to situations where data is incomplete, cannot be found, or consists of double or outdated versions.

This leads to loss of time (average search time for information is estimated at 20% of working time - Gartner), efficiency, and quality, not to mention the increase in intolerable security risks and losses. Even if a professional Document Management System (DMS) is implemented with the best intentions, this does not guarantee that the above will not occur.

Thorough advice and guidance by our DMA specialists.

With its Document Management Architecture (DMA), Ditio works towards sound document and data management that is characterized by efficiency, ease of use, single data entry, and a "single source of truth" principle: an integrated information solution.

Our consultants are DMA specialists and trained to fulfil every project role. They form the basis from which DMA, according to its standard methodology, looks at optimization, change processes, and solutions, with the organization and its objectives. We work with three, related facets: Processes, Systems, and People.

The current situation is mapped out using a quick scan or cold-eye review. After setting the final goal, a Plan of Action (PVA) is drawn up. This PVA covers matters such as desired Metadata, (industry) standards, work processes, and document status & numbering. After approval by the customer, the project is carried out according to stage-gate principles under the guidance of a business consultant based on this PVA. This PVA can also include a proposal for system (DMS) analysis or selection. The schedule we provide shows the different gates or stages. The impact analysis shows the estimated impact on the client’s organization. Ditio completes every project with a solid implementation and user training program (including walk-the-floor support during rollout) and a ‘Lessons Learned’ session with the client.



A professional Document Management System that is embraced by the organization.

Our Business Consultants, specialized in document and information Management, will take on any challenge together with you, resulting in a successful implementation of the desired "changes": a professional Document Management System that is embraced by the organization.


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