Planning & Scheduling

Wilco Brevet

Senior Business Consultant


Projects becoming more complex and rapid innovation.

Projects are becoming more complex and innovations often follow each other quickly; the project world is developing at a rapid pace. It is, therefore, important that you keep control of your project and that factors like scope, time, money, and quality are monitored. Your organization wants insight into the effects of changes and the feasibility of a project. The project team wants clear progress reports and relies on a correct representation of the state of affairs. Realistic planning is, therefore, essential to balance your project and keep it that way.

Planners for every level and project.

A Ditio planner makes a schedule that your project team can agree to. They identify and propose alternatives early on to ensure that your project remains within schedule and budget. Ditio's planners are able to keep your project in balance. They know how to gain the trust needed to bring different disciplines within your organization together and to identify clashes within the project at an early stage. Of course, they also make proposals to solve these issues.

Ditio employs planners for every level. We do not only have engineering, procurement, and construction planners, we also have planners who oversee your entire project or portfolio from initiative to delivery. In addition to our planners of new projects in On- and Offshore Oil and Gas, shipbuilding, infrastructure, and construction projects, we also have planners and schedulers in the field of shutdown and turnaround. Ditio has compiled this specific knowledge into ADVANDO, a Ditio Company, to provide a ready-made solution for the maintenance of your company.



Projects in balance: within planning and budget.

Our planners and schedulers give you control and peace of mind over your project. Your project is running efficiently. In addition to professionals, we also offer consultancy and (software) solutions that take your project to the next level. Would you like to discuss the optimal approach to planning your project? Or are you curious about which systems best suit your working method? Or how Ditio can support your project with specific knowledge of planning and scheduling? Please contact us via the contact details.


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